A question which is often asked by my patients after a failed cycle despite my pre IVF cycle priming and counselling.It is frustrating for Patient and doctor alike when an IVF cycle fails.I don’t make any claims of having a fantabulous IVF success rate.Till date any one quoting it anything more than 35 – 40 percent isn’t telling you the complete truth.

Let us first understand the reason that why is IVF such a wasteful process.Every month around 300 follicles undergo degeneration as they are unhealthy.By giving gonadotrophin we are forcing them to grow and mature but that doesn’t necessarily means a successful implantation or conception or live birth.

Let me discuss a case scenario.A 35 years old Lady with PCOD in whom I retrieved 12 embryos.7 became blastocysts.And can you imagine how many of them were actually healthy? It is shocking .We got Pre implantation genetic testing done .And there were just 2 which were not having any chromosomal anomaly.Which means 10 of these embryos would have either not got implanted or would have miscarried or we would have needed to terminate the pregnancy.

So it is unhealthy eggs and thus embryos which are the reason of the disappointing results that IVF provides.It is no one’s fault.Not of your IVF specialist and not of you who can blame inadequate rest for failed cycle of hers. Relax.Plan early.Plan your pregnancy in time.And if you don’t have a partner at right time ,Freeze your eggs,If you have a partner ,Freeze your embryos as we have got more experience of freezing embryos than freezing eggs.