It has been a long gap when I am trying once again to revive this blog.It was writers block or some fear or sudden maturity about the big bad world of social media or unwarranted trolling (trolling is always unwarranted) which prevented me from writing this blog.Previously I used to write what I used to feel,uninhibited and suddenly there was this apprehension.I was uncomfortable to bare my inner self to the whole world.I can’t pretend and at the sometime I wasn’t being able to be me.
I think I need one more chance and probably this time I shall be lucky.
Those who know me I was a general Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who extended my self to IVF and infertility treatment as well after a formal training in Australia.After more than 4 years I feel more attached to infertility management than delivering babies.Not that my skills are lost as I have been practising Obstetrics as heavily as before but it doesn’t excite me as much as a professional as it used to before.
I shall start covering Infertility related topics one by one in a story line format to maintain the information quotient as well as to keep it interesting.
I live in a Metro called GURGAON or GURUGRAM. It is a modern Indian city,very polluted but still modern.The women of this city are smart ,fit and healthy.They take care of themselves,exercise,take vitamin supplements.Practice yoga and medication.Eat quinoa,Sushi and Chia ( All exotic and organic).All good …isn’t it.But something is going wrong terribly.In order to achieve this and more they are deferring there first pregnancy till late age.
It is true you have a toned body of a 25 years old at 35 years old.You look damn good and exotic.You are a Gurgaonmom and entrepreneur and successful.But have you been able to fool the time? No you haven’t been.Your Ovaries are ageing.The best time to get pregnant is 20s.In 30 s your fertility starts to decrease and after 35 years the decline in fertility is fast.
The incidence of Aneuploidy meaning increase or decrease in the chromosome number in your egg increases.Leading to unhealthy eggs and embryos.You will face increased risk of miscarriage and will have decreased chance of pregnancy.
If you are in your early 30s ,try for conception for 12 months and if still unsuccessful meet an Infertility specialist.If you are between 30 years to 35 years ,are known to have irregular periods or scanty periods or endometriosis or any other health concern,meet the infertility specialist after 6 months of failed trail of conception.
if you are 35 years or  more , you might look 22 years old.But still don’t fool yourself.Your ovaries look like that of a 35 years old.Devoid of follicles with decreasing egg quality.Meet the infertility specialist within 6 months of failed trial.
You might conceive spontaneously or with the help of IUI or might need IVF.Let your Infertility specialist decide.
For males also fertility decreases with increasing age but the decline isn’t as fast as in women and males can father children even in their 60s and 70s while a women can ovulate after menopause.