Pregnancy Care is the basic competence which every Obstetrician and gynaecologist can take care with reasonable competence . What gives Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee an edge in pregnancy care is her evidence based approach to your ante natal care .  She has the competence to manage extremely high risk cases with utmost ease.What supports her management is a tertiary level NICU and blood bank at Artemis hospital,Gurgaon,one of the reasons she joined the hospital on her return from Australia .Having worked in United Kingdom and Australia where the caesarean section rates are properly audited , she was trained in a manner to maintain the WHO approved rate of vaginal delivery.She is known in Gurgaon and NCR for 80% rate of vaginal delivery.

” No one can promise a vaginal delivery but what she promises you is if you can have a vaginal delivery ‘safely’ anywhere in the world you can have it under her team of consultants which includes Dr Pooja Marhwaha and Dr Ankita Mittal.