The number of Couples needing ART for conception is increasing many fold in India.The reason is most often the delayed age at conception.And the most often than not they are disappointed as the success rate of IVF is only 35 % and thus more cycles would fail than be successful.

WHY IVF CYCLES FAIL.It is multifactorial.But the commonest reason is chromosomal defect and that happens mostly due to ageing of the egg.In case of failed IVF cycle or with a history of recurrent miscarriage incorporation of PGD/PGS in embryo transfer leads to better success rates as by PGD it is possible to eliminate unhealthy embryo before hand and thus avoid transferring those embryos.

At the moment we out source the genome testing to a lab call Igenomic once the embryo has been selected for the PGD testing at our IVF lab.At our Lab Dr Sarabpreet is a well trained embryologist ,who by his latest know how make the PGD a reality atlast.