This one came as a surprise to me.I am not for or against it but this particular request left me wondering or atlas gave me food for thought.Have encountered the request for muhurat for Embryo transfer but this one was unique.First of it’s kind.

Somebody requested me to time the time when retrieved egg was mixed with the Sperm.As per that gentleman this was the correct time based on which the astrological findings were based in a human beings life and not on the time of birth.


Now if thats correct then all our Janam Patri’s are incorrect and so the astrological readings.In that case Muhurat Caesarean is a thing of past.More over in  natural conception we don’t know the time when actually fertilisation took place.And unless ICSI even in simple IVF we really don’t know the exact moment of fertilisation.

Oh God….that’s too complicated 🙂 Anyways ,as long as it doesn’t do any harm or too cumbersome,I think we can keep guessing the right Muhurat and try best for our Children as well as future children.What’s the correct time in case of a FET ??

Interesting is all what I can say 🙂