There are so many times I have been asked this question , “IS IVF PAINFUL’?

There are many aspects to be considered to describe it painful or not.


Physically – Physically ,IVF isn’t painful.While having Ovulation Induction ,one does feel bloated and have some stiffness in breasts and nipples and indigestion like symptoms.The Ovum pick up is a 15 minute procedure which is done under anaesthesia or sedation and thus the procedure isn’t paiful. One can feel sore though in the pelvis post procedure.


Emotionally – Emotionally IVF is a draining procedure and failures to conceive can be painful.With a success rate of 35 %,65 % of the times it is painful – No one can deny it and one should have realistic expectation when planning IVF treatment to make it emotionally less painful.


Financially – Financially again it is a costly procedure and though a successful outcome makes one easily forget the pain,multiple cycles can create a financial concern as well.