How Much does IVF costs

How much will it cost me?This is the most common question asked by Couples who come for IVF.
I will try to be as clear as possible in answering this question.First of all it is important to know what all an IVF cycle involves and then it will be easier for you to understand it.

Here I have not included the cost of investigations.

The first process is controlled ovarian Hyperstimulation which involves medicines which are costly.The cost of the medicine would depend on the need of your body.Some women need less medicine and some need more medicine to get similar degree of stimulation.But if you keep an estimate of INR 75,000 plus minus INR 10,000 it would be quite close to what you would eventually spend.

IVF involves Ovum pick up and embryo transfer.Both these procedures need IVF lab and OT.It also involves skills of embryologists apart for the infertility specialist.This amount varies from IVF centre to IVF centre.A good IVF lab needs good quality control and that has big role in determining the success of an IVF programme.A decent IVF lab would charge you around a Lakh.

If you decide to freeze the embryo,it would be another 30-40 thousand INR and you should find it out at the IVF lab .

If you decide to get a PGT done it comes quite costly as not many centres perform this procedure currently.The one I am associated with and provides this facility ,they charge 1.85 Lakhs ( over and above the 1.75 lakhs for the medicine and the procedural charges for IVF))

If it involves Ovum donors the ovum donating agency usually charge 80000 to 1.2 lakhs for a decent educated and pleasant donor.

Semen donors charge less.

This isn’t a comprehensive list but just rough estimate of what you need to be ready with when planning an IVF cycle.The costs can be less or more depending upon the IVF centre you choose.

Surrogates can cost around 8- 10 Lakhs apart for the delivery expenses.