Few years back I gave my own feedback for the patients to understand my working style and thus find it easier to choose or relate with me or not relate with me.It did help them as well as me.

Now I realise that I am a changed person than what I was till 2014 and thus it would be appropriate that I do my self assessment correctly.

Previously I used to go through each and every online report of each of my patients and advise them as well.Now I don’t do it at all.As per supreme court of India it is a punishable offence if a doctor trees a patient without making a diagnosis.There are many cases where doctors tried to helped their patients and ended behind the bars as they had treated online without seeing the patient in person.

I was always bad in picking up phone calls as that I found really irritating while you are attending one patient,you ignore her and start talking to some one else but I used to be good in reverting back at text messages.Now I have delegated this duty to my colleagues dr Ankita Mittal and Dr Pooja Marwaha who keep you informed as well as I know what is going on with you.

For your treatment i am always there whether a cold case or an emergency as before.

One more differenceI travel abroad quite a bit.my commonest destination is Australia ,which i have to visit to maintain my FRANZCOG degree as well as to become an Australian citizen as well .So this December and march 2019 I would not be in India to complete my required number of Australia stay.After March 2019 I shall not be going out as frequently.In my absence Dr Ankita and Dr Pooja are in a situation to take care of you at Artemis hospital.

Though I am unable to make every person a happy person,we still try to be ethical and honest with our work.