How do I loose some weight?This isn’t an uncommon question.Depends on how much weight do you need to loose to reach your ideal BMI.If morbidly obese then Obviously the journey might be little difficult than what I am about to write. If you are over weight or Obese ,strong will power, 30% exercise and 70% diet control is what you need.For loosing weight definitely has positive impact on fertility for male and females both.If you loose even 10 % of your wight the anovulatory cycles become ovulatory.Provided you are medically fit ,30 minutes  to an hour of High intensity exercise or running or Power lifting or yoga should suffice.But it should be a serious attempt to convert your fat to muscles.But the important bit comes from your diet.It has to be controlled diet rich in protein with minimal amount of carbohydrate and fat too.Goes without saying that generous portions of fruits and vegetables are needed for essential antioxidants,vitamins and mineral.