The more I practice the treatment of infertility more I get baffled .What is an ideal IVF cycle,what is the best IVF treatment,what best can you do for your patient who has spent so much of money,is undergoing so much of emotional and physical pain to achieve a baby -the most natural and primitive desire of human kind.

Unfortunately the answer is – well … one knows.There are few things which you can control and most you can’t.What can you control??

The IVF Lab – Better quality controlled the lab and it’s  surrounding environment are more is the likelihood of success.

The embryologist – A good embryologist is the back bone of successful IVF Programme.

Good Gynaecologist – Good Gynaecologist is the one who is stimulating the ovulation using the correct protocol as per your need and is able to prevent OHSS as far as possible.She/he is able to give you the emotional support which is much needed while undergoing infertility treatment.

And finally you need loads of luck and good wishes.Despite the best efforts of the people involved including you the Best of IVF cycles fail.It leads to hurt,pain and frustration. And then there comes those positive 2 lines …….which take away all your gloom.The hope ,the happiness which is confirmed by the lub dub lub dub heard on the Ultrasound machine and the flicker of heartbeat seen on the black and white screen which makes your life colourful.

After multiple failure shines the sun and thats the victory of ART/IVF ……Thats the BEST IVF !! 🙂