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Ivf specialist and gynaecologist

Pregnancy care

During the 9 months of your pregnancy you are supported and provided evidence based care. You can also join our antenatal classes, considered one of the best in Gurgaon. It prepares you and your partner for your D day. Your pregnancy care is tailor made to your needs. DrKaushikiDwivedee will help you in understanding the changes happening in you during the pregnancy, provide you a detailed pregnancy folder with FAQs. We are pro vaginal delivery unit but if anyone wants an elective caesarean section even that would be provided. Though during the process of labour you can expect to be monitored by various members of her team but at the time of delivery whether vaginal or Caesarean DrDwivedee would be conducting it. She is confident gynaecologist who would avoid creating complications and if complications happen she can handle it without any panic. We identified a need for a good lactational and postpartum counsellor.

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IVF Specialist and gynaecologist