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Ivf specialist and gynaecologist

Dear Dr. Kaushiki,

Thank you very much for solving my problem. Life has become so much better, with all the inconvenience and the cause of constant embarrassment disappearing totally. I really wish you had done this for me earlier, fully endorsing your prediction of the feeling of 'a change of life'. I am honestly surprised why people like me keep suffering when there is an easy remedy for it in medical science and in the deft hands of the saviours like you. I wish somehow more of the sufferers would become aware of it. I will try to do my bit through the face book Once again thanks a lot. Do let me know if and when I should come over for a check up

With Warm regards AG

Dr Kaushiki has been my doctor right from day one of my pregnancy, and I have been really lucky to have her. She is an excellent doctor in all ways. I feel completely secure in the way she has and is continuing to manage my pregnancy - and that's saying a lot since I started as a very anxious and nervous 'waiting to be first time' mom! She is always prompt and listens and addresses all concerns and consistently guides towards the best course of action. Her competence and her manner have made me and all my family members completely happy and confident, and we are thankful for having found her. I have complete faith in her abilities as she is a very knowledgeable, capable and confident doctor, who is also very humane and friendly. Over and above her professional high competence, it is a pleasure meeting her every time."

With Warm regards Mrs Supriya Khanna, Ex VP, Pepsi

I recently had my delivery at max hospital Gurgaon with Dr Kaushiki and she is a brilliant doctor. I had shifted to her in my 8th month of pregnancy after having a disappointing experience at sitaram Bhartia and she was instrumental in me having a normal delivery. There is a misconception that max is not a good hospital for delivery as the rate of c-secs is high. This is not true!!! I was induced labour as I had crossed 40 weeks with no sign of labour nearing and my induction to delivery lasted 24 hours during which not one doctor suggested or pushed for a c-sec even though my dilation was really slow. The panel of doctors was superb and I was taken care of really well!! I am extremely happy with my experience with max and would suggest u to consult Dr. Kaushiki. I can vouch that u wont regret ur decision.

Please understand that there is no hospital where 100% people would have had the most brilliant experience but it's just that the ones who have had negative one blog it all on the net and others just don't care to mention!

Hope this helps! Good luck to u!! SD

Highly competent doctor and excellent human being.

With Warm regards Mrs Shivani Arora, Homemaker

I was operated for my ovarian cyst by Dr Kaushiki. I was very anxious before the operation. She made me relax and feel at ease. I underwent a keyhole removal of my cyst and was discharged within 24 hours of operation. I could not believe that I already had undergone a major surgery.

With Warm regards Mrs Manju kaushik, Homemaker

Dr Dwivedee operated me for my fibroids. She removed the fibroids and saved my uterus. I was lucky to find her as my doctor in a foreign country. It was a pleasure to deal with her. A thorough professional.

Total laparoscopic Hysterectomy

With Warm regards Miss Z Laukat, Banker

When I first met her, Dr kaushiki impressed me immediately as an educator tired of the status quo and the ineffective strategies being used to educate students. She has demonstrated a vast fund of knowledge and a superior intellect evident by her ability to critically apply her knowledge to arrive at a well-reasoned approach in complex case scenarios. She is an outspoken advocate for education reform and has the experience and education to back up her words. In working with Dr Kaushiki, I found her be a truly hard worker and a willing participant in professional and academic development o I had the chance to assist her in various surgeries and I admire her for her excellent surgical skills, keen observation and a commitment to provide excellent patient care.

I feel that her extensive academic background, excellent surgical skills and work experience in latest trends in Obstetrics and Gynecology makes her a doctor with a difference. I was also impressed by her communication skills and ability to get along with her patients so well.

She has been a highly motivated, energetic and dedicated doctor who has always executed her responsibilities in a consistently thorough and effective manner. A teacher, a guide, a counsellor and a friend, that is Dr Kaushiki for me.

Dr Asha Sharma, Registrar, Max Hospial

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