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Ivf specialist and gynaecologist

  • The most important factor determining IVF success rates is a woman's age. When comparing IVF success rates, as well as checking what is being measured, check you are comparing rates for women of the same age.
  • Ask how often a clinic transfers more than one embryo with each transfer. It is illegal and unethical to put more than 3 embryos by any standards. More embryos per transfer may make success rates appear higher but we rarely performs multiple transfers, as it can also increase the risks of multiple births, low birthweight and premature births.
  • Check whether the data includes processes like ICSI, or includes frozen embryo transfers or only IVF
  • I would be able to provide you precise success rate for my Unit in India at the end of an year i.e in 2017.

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IVF Specialist and gynaecologist