Obstetrics & Gynaecology,Gurgaon and Max Hospital,Gurgaon,Department of Gynaecology.

Personal Clinic – Clinic Nirvana
(C 209, Nirvana Courtyard,
South City 2, Gurgaon)

Timings for clinic Nirvana
Monday,Wednesday,Thursday and Friday - 5 PM to 8 PM
Saturday - 4 PM to 8 PM
Tuesday - 11AM to 2 PM

Email: kaushikid@yahoo.com

Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee is an experienced specialist Gurgaon based Gynaecologist (Gyne) and Obstetrician who follows Best gynaecology practice guidelines in her own practice providing quality healthcare to women of all ages. Every woman needs a highly professional and experienced Doctor, who will take genuine care, analyse the potential condition in depth and advice the best and most appropriate treatment. Dr Dwivedee firmly believes in the involvement of patients in their healthcare and delivers care in a relaxed setting with commitment and empathy. With the help of a detailed history and minimal investigations she diagnoses conditions like PCOD, Fibroids, Endometriosis, ovarian cysts, cancers and leakage of urine. She is an experienced surgeon who performs complicated Gynaecology Laparoscopic surgeries including Hysterectomy, Cystectomy, urine leakage surgeries (TVTO), Prolapse surgeries.She is a confident genital cancer surgeon and can operate laparoscopically or by conventional method both.

Pregnancy is a time of great joy, anticipation and excitement for an expecting mother. Every woman deserves a doctor i.e., her Obstetrician and Gynecologist who is friendly and can provide her care and support through her Pregnancy. Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee is as a confident and experienced care provider whose role is to ensure the mother and her baby a safe journey with a very high chance of normal delivery.

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